Kathy Parker


I was raised in the artistic surroundings of San Francisco and Sausalito and have been a Seattle artist since 1988.  I am a Signature Member of the National Collage Society and have won national as well as local awards.  My work is included in the book  "Collage In All Dimensions" published in 2005.  Recently I have added fiber art to my resume.


I start a collage or fiber piece for the sheer pleasure of seeing how an idea is going to turn out.  Often the textures, forms and colors of the materials I use create an unexpected shape, rhythm or atmosphere of their own and result in a picture quite different from my original concept.


In creating my collages I use Asian papers, which I usually color with acrylic or watercolor.  I tear the papers and apply on canvas or paper background using acrylic medium as the glue.  "Collage" is derived from the French verb "coller", meaning to adhere, paste or glue.  When the picture is finished I brush on UV protective varnish or frame under glass.  My fiber pieces are either hand or machine sewn, using whatever fabrics, buttons, etc. catch my eye.